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Fall 2017 Girls’ Team Academic All-State recognition for Seymour Community High School


The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin (GCAW) is proud to announce the recipients of the 6th annual “Team Academic All-State” award, established to recognize high school golf teams with the highest ‘team’ grade point averages (‘team’ is defined as the five designated golfers on the roster at the time of the girls’ fall 2017 WIAA regional tournament). The three teams with the highest cumulative team GPA in each division (D1- D2) will be recognized with gold, silver or bronze medals for each student-athlete, and their schools will receive a certificate to note this accomplishment. Schools with at least a 3.25 team GPA will receive a certificate acknowledging honorable mention status.
Seymour Community High School achieved Honorable Mention in Division D1.
Congratulations to the following team members for their academic accomplishments:
Brylee King, Kennedy Peters, Lauren Wilcox, Gracee Minlschmidt and Barbara Petzold

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