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Man who died in Beaver Dam Lake identified

Photo: USA TODAY NETWORK - Wisconsin


BEAVER DAM – Gary T. Ballweg, 52, of Fox Lake, has been identified as the man who died when a pickup truck ended up in Beaver Dam Lake Monday morning.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office responded at 6:45 a.m. to the Hickory Point boat launch ramp in the town of Westford for a report of a Dodge pick-up truck in the lake, about 20 yards from shore, according to the sheriff’s office.

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Ballweg was located near his vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene, according to the office, and the Fond du lac County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team searched the surrounding waters but found no other victims.

As of Tuesday morning, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has not made a statement as to how Ballweg’s truck came to be in the lake. The incident remains under investigation.

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