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Sauk County Board to consider second trail segment Tuesday


The Sauk County Board is scheduled Tuesday to consider authorizing the construction of the second segment of the Great Sauk State Trail.

One of 15 business items on the board’s monthly agenda is a proposal to amend the county’s 2018 budget and allow construction of a 6.75-mile portion of trail through the former Badger Ammunition Plan to Devil’s Lake State Park to begin this year.

If approved by a two-thirds majority, the proposal would allow $518,000 in unspent trail construction funds to be carried forward into this year’s spending plan.

The first segment of the trail from the village of Sauk City to the boundary of the former weapons plant — portions of which have been repurposed as the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area — was completed in October.

The board’s Highway and Parks Committee voted last week to send the proposal to the full board. It also will be considered Monday by the Finance Committee.

The board also will consider a resolution bringing Baraboo area municipalities into an intergovernmental agreement involving the trail’s development, and another one authorizing the county’s parks director to apply for grants to assist with the trail project.

Salary increases

The Finance Committee also will consider salary increases for three elected county offices that were recommended last week by the board’s Personnel Committee. That proposal also is slated to go before the board for final approval Tuesday.

The Personnel Committee recommended 20 percent increases for the sheriff and coroner, and a 10 percent increase for the clerk of circuit courts. The adjustments would bring the sheriff’s pay to $109,452, the coroner’s salary to $66,005, and the clerk of courts’ earnings to $74,823.

All three partisan offices are up for election in November, and the county board must set their wages for the next four-year term before candidates begin to take out nomination papers.

Recreational vehicles

The board also will consider a proposal to add ATV and UTV crossings and routes on county highways in 21 towns. The amended maps were approved last week by the Highway and Parks Committee.

Reporter for the Baraboo News Republic.

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