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Falls graduate, teacher joins UW-Whitewater Hall of Fame


Angie Wildish was part of the UW-Whitewater women’s volleyball team that won an NCAA Division III title in 2002, and last fall she was inducted into the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Wildish — now known by her married name, Angie Vogt — was one of several inductees into the UW-Whitewater Hall of Fame ceremony. She was raised in Menomonee Falls and graduated from Menomonee Falls High School before playing volleyball at UW-Whitewater for four years. She is currently a physical education teacher in the School District of Menomonee Falls. 

“Yes, this event brought up many fun and exciting memories of my college days.  It also brought up sad and heartbreaking memories.  It was great to be back to the place where so many life long memories were made,” she said of the ceremony.

Vogt was an outside hitter for the UW-Whitewater women’s volleyball

Vogt is pictured serving for UW-Whitewater.
Photo courtesy of Angie Vogt.

team from 1999-2002.  She was part of UW-Whitewater teams that won three regular season conference titles and qualified for the NCAA tournament for four years. She was of the team that won the Division III title in 2002 and and were national runners-up in 2000 and 2001.

Also at Whitewater, Vogt was AVCA All-American, being selected as a first team selection in 2002. The same year she was selected as a WIAC Player of the Year and as a member of the NCAA Division III Championship All-Tournament Team. Vogt also earned first team All-WIAC and AVCA All-Region accolades two times, and was a three-time all-conference honoree overall, according to a biography from the school. 

She is on the school’s record list for career kills (second at 1,639), career digs (third at 2,365), career matches with double-figure digs (third with 102) and matches with 20-plus kills (third with nine). She was a team captain during the 2002 season.

During her speech at the Hall of Fame presentation in November, Vogt thanked her oldest son Nolan and her husband John and his family as well as neighbors for being there. She also thanked her parents, brothers and sisters for attending her UW-Whitewater matches and showing their support. 

“It was very exciting to have my entire family there with me.  My aunts and uncles, my son Nolan, my friends and many of teammates came out to celebrate,” she said later. Vogt also noted that she received thanks and congratulations from her co-workers at Ben Franklin Elementary School. At the beginning of her speech, she cited the support of her parents during her playing career.

“First, my parents are the biggest reason why I am up here today.  Their tireless efforts to make sure I got to and from practice and games, getting up at 4 a.m. to get to me to club volleyball tournaments out of state, paying for all the various expenses that go along with being a club sport athlete and most importantly – their ongoing support to make sure I was successful and could play and do something that I had a true love and passion for,” the text of her speech stated.  “I started playing volleyball when I was in fifth grade, while my mom was my coach. I owe her so much as she taught me the basics.  I quickly fell in love with all aspects of the game.  When I wasn’t playing organized volleyball, I have many memories of my older sister Kim and I playing pepper in the yard or passing and serving against the garage.”

In her speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony, she recalled playing in three national championships, two of which were on UW-Whitewater’s home court.

“In my college volleyball career, I played for three national championships, two of them at Whitewater. I am not quite sure how many people can say they played on their home court, where they sweat, laughed, cried and worked so hard to have their dream of winning a national championship come true. The night we won, we swept the number one team in the nation 3-0 and for the first time in school history won a national championship,” Vogt said her speech.  “My memories from college are endless, but being named a national champion was number one.   Because of this sport, I have met lifelong friends and exceptional people and role models.  I do think my experiences have truly been unique and I have you all of you sitting here to thank.”

 -By Thomas J. McKillen, Managing Editor

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