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Community Surpasses Goal


20 days, $20,000 for Seymour Police Department K9 program
A generous offer from Carl and Mary Ellen Kuehne was the final push needed for the Seymour Police Department’s K9 fundraising initiative. Their offer to match any donations received from Feb. 18 to March 10 up to $10,000 spurred the community to action. At the end of the 20 day period, the community raised $15,735.83 for a total of $96,858.69.
“Thanks to our supporters, we have reached our goal which will allow us to launch the K9 program,” said Seymour Chief of Police, Richard A. Buntrock. “We’re so thankful for the community and individuals from as far away as Virginia that helped us make the most of this generous matching donation, which exceeded our fundraising goal.”
“Having a K9 unit at the police department will be an incredible tool to not only reduce drug activities in our community, but also track suspects and find missing and endangered people,” said Buntrock. “This program will directly impact the quality of life in northeastern Outagamie County by keeping our students safe at school and providing us with search capabilities for lost children and elderly individuals.” The K9 program will also be available, through existing mutual aid agreements, to help neighboring agencies when they need assistance.
The $96,858.69 raised will now allow us to set-up the K9 program. “With that, I want to commend the leadership, diligence and compassion that Jim and Nancy Campbell provided to help us with this campaign. Additionally, I would like to thank Leonard and Finco Public Relations and Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion RelyLocal Fox Cities.” said Buntrock
We will continue sustainability efforts for the K9 program. To make a tax-deductible donation visit the online fundraising page, or the police department website, Donations can also be accepted via cash or check (checks payable to the Seymour Police Department K9 Unit Donation Fund).
CONTACT: Chief of Police, Richard A. Buntrock, (920) 833-2366, [email protected]

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