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From the newsroom: Falls HS student named Kohl scholar

By Thomas J. McKillen

Menomonee Falls High School student Basia Klos has been named a Kohl Educational Foundation Scholar for 2018.

“Basia is an exceptional student that is involved in so many aspects of our high school and community,”Falls High School Principal Bob Vitale said in a statement. “This accolade is proof positive that she’s a hard worker and a leader in our school.”

Klos will receive a $10,000 scholarship from the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation as she has been recognized as high-performing student that has had a wealth of experience in leadership outside of the classroom. Klos is one of 191 students receiving the award.

Excellence Scholarship recipients have demonstrated excellence in the academic arena and high motivation to achieve, have displayed a broad range of activity and leadership outside the academic setting, and have shown strong promise for succeeding in college and beyond.

“I think it is significant that Wisconsin’s students, teachers, principals, and schools are recognized for their devotion to education and learning,” said Dr. Chris Cody, WCRIS board president.

Klos was a student-director in this year’s Band Revue, is the principal french horn player for the wind symphony, plays trumpet in jazz band, plays piano, is a member of the Milwaukee Youth Orchestra, was named a National Merit Finalist and an Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction. She’s a member of the global education academy and is fluent in Polish.

“Herb Kohl, through his philanthropy on behalf of our educators and students, has provided opportunity and access to a better future for countless Wisconsinites,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers.

To date the foundation has awarded $14.5 million to Wisconsin educators, principals, students, and schools.

“Education is the key to the future of Wisconsin and our nation. I am very proud of the accomplishments of these students, teachers, and principals and look forward to the great contributions they will make in the future,” Kohl said.

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