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Plea hearings now scheduled for suspects in armed holdup spree


The main suspect in a string of knife-point armed robberies in Brown and Outagamie counties will have a plea hearing before Brown County Circuit Judge Marc Hammer on Friday, May 11. Joshua Way, 654 Factory St., Seymour, is charged with 13 felonies. Codefendant Jeff Gross, 34, De Pere will have a plea hearing on April 11 on two felonies and one misdemeanor, while Darrin Hill, 28, Oneida, is scheduled for a status conference on April 12 on three felony and one misdemeanor charge.
The trio was arrested in Seymour on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 after a Seymour officer made a traffic stop. According to the criminal complaint, Way committed the robberies at fast food, two Dollar General locations and convenience stores between Dec. 5-29, 2017 while the other two men served as drivers. A knife was reported used in the holdups.

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