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From the newsroom: Regal Ware announces partnership with Christopher Kimball


Regal Ware, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Christopher Kimball on the launch of a new cookware line to be co-branded Christopher Kimball by 1919 Cookware. Regal Ware’s stand-alone brand, 1919 Cookware, is also a new offering of products within its brand portfolio.

Christopher Kimball’s premium 5-ply stainless steel collection will be manufactured at Regal Ware’s state-of the-art manufacturing facility in West Bend, WI. The selection will expand as the companies continue to develop innovative products designed for today’s home cooks.

“By combining simplicity of design and function with the highest quality, we can put the right tools in the hands of the modern cook,” said Christopher Kimball. “Regal Ware not only provides us with more than 100 years of premier manufacturing expertise, but has the technology and flexibility to collaborate with us to envision, design and produce high quality innovative products to add to our growing collection of tools for home cooks.”

“Our passion at Regal Ware is to strengthen families around the world by creating memorable experiences and traditions around the table. Our cookware is crafted to provide superior results in the kitchen and to make cooking easier and more enjoyable,” said Jeff Reigle, President and Chief Executive Officer of Regal Ware. “We believe Kimball’s influence as an educator in the food culture speaks to our passion — which makes our partnership a natural fit. We are very proud to be the manufacturer for Christopher Kimball by 1919 Cookware.”

The Christopher Kimball by 1919 Cookware line will be launched at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show being held March 10-13, 2018 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. The collection will be available in fall and sold through retailers.

About Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball founded Cook’s Illustrated in 1980 and is currently co-founder of Milk Street, a culinary brand devoted to searching the world for bolder, easier ways to cook at home here in America. Today, Milk Street is available on public television and radio, in print through its magazine and cookbooks, and online at

About Regal Ware

Headquartered in Kewaskum, WI, Regal Ware, Inc. is known for producing the world’s finest cookware for families and is the premier manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cookware in the United States. It’s innovative engineering and quality manufacturing dates back to 1911. Regal Ware’s core values of integrity, dedication, performance and pride define the company. Regal Ware is committed to bringing people back to the table, and is doing so through product offerings that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Regal Ware products include stainless steel and cast aluminum cookware as well as stainless steel bakeware available through both the direct-to-the-consumer and retail sales channels. For more information, visit

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