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Germantown HS announces ‘Platinum Sponsor’ for tech ed facilities


J.W. Speaker Inc. was introduced as the first “Platinum Sponsor” for the Germantown High School technical education department.
Jamie Speaker of J.W. Speaker presented a check for $25,000 to the Germantown School Board at the start of the Jan. 29 School Board meeting in one of the two new Project Lead the Way rooms at the high school. The check was described as the first installment by the company to the high school technology program.
“On behalf of J.W. Speaker Corporation we’re really pleased to be the first sponsor you were soliciting. We’re happy to be part of this whole tech-ed revolution that’s going on in terms of seeing education reform and we’re really excited to be part of that,” Speaker said. “We’re hoping this is the beginning of a partnership we can build at the high school not only financially but for awareness, for  externships, internships, work-study programs – we’re right in the midst of trying to explore that in more detail.  We’re really committed and excited to be part of this.”
According to information from the district, Platinum Sponsors will commit $50,000 toward the Germantown High School technical education department and will get a color logo placement on the Wall of Sponsors in the technology hallway at the high school.
School Board President Bob Soderberg thanked Speaker for coming on board  as the first sponsor, calling a the company “a wonderful business partner of ours.”
“This is just the first step of many steps we’re taking here tonight,” Soderberg said.
When reached for comment later, Holmes explained that the sponsorship program was initiated by the district is an effort to pay for upgraded equipment in the technical education areas as those programs move into new space following additions and renovations that are ongoing at the high school. The renovations were approved by voters in a November 2016 referendum.
“Our challenge is to acquire up-to-date equipment for these learning labs. Almost all of the current equipment is outdated, no longer functioning, or can no longer hold needed tolerances for the precision needed. Many of the large machines we have may not even survive a move. Our challenge is that there is simply not enough referendum money available to purchase all that is needed to provide students with the kind of experiences that will develop their skills and entice them into a career in manufacturing,” Holmes stated. “We need help from business and industry in the community with equipment donations and financial contributions to support the opening of the new (technical education) facilities that begins in early 2018 and will continue throughout the year.”
Sponsorship levels include Elite ($100,000), Platinum ($50,000), Gold ($25,000), Silver ($10,000), Bronze ($5,000) and Community ($2,500).
-By Thomas J. McKillen, Managing Editor

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