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Letter to the Editor: A ‘healthy and stable community’


To the Editor,

As I reflect on the last several years and look ahead to 2018, our village (Menomonee Falls)  has never been more blessed, vibrant, and successful. The chairman of my employer recently said that the signs of a healthy and stable community are a good infrastructure, small business and manufacturing growth, and the ease of starting a business – ironically all the characteristics that describe Menomonee Falls!  It isn’t any surprise then that our community has become the preferred place to live and work in our region and one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Wisconsin.

When I ask residents why they’ve chosen the Falls over other areas, their answers all share common themes – low taxes, their employer is located here, a large selection of new and existing housing, ease of access to Milwaukee, the school system, the downtown area, and of course the small village feel.  Many have said the small village environment was one of the primary reasons for settling down here.  They wanted to live and raise their families in an area known for its strong sense of community, friendliness, and safety. Thanks to our good citizens, a nationally-recognized Neighborhood Watch Program, and a top-notch police department, the Falls has been rated as one of the best and safest communities to live in by several different organizations.

Economically, we are healthy.  Menomonee Falls is home to one of the largest manufacturing bases in Wisconsin, behind only Green Bay and Milwaukee.  Housing growth has been booming.  Out of 37 communities in Waukesha County we are 2nd highest for new construction.  Blighted areas have been transformed into economically strong commercial and industrial areas generating millions of dollars in tax base revenue. This has attracted even more business and development because business owners looking for new areas to expand in search out successful, financially solid commercial and industrial areas with strong infrastructure.  And our downtown area, the heart of the Falls, has been experiencing a revitalization with infrastructure upgrades and the addition of new businesses, bringing with it a new excitement and energy – Fiddleheads Coffee, the new restaurant owned by Leff’s Lucky Town going into the old Fire Station #1, Quiznos, Poppy & Thyme, and the new Alumni Club restaurant just to name a few.

And it’s not just new businesses that are bringing vibrancy to the downtown!  Existing small businesses are benefitting from the loan and grant program administered by the Falls Community Development Authority (CDA) to be able to improve their buildings, make much needed renovations, and purchase new equipment, allowing them to grow and remain successful. At every ribbon-cutting I’ve attended, I hear how helpful and responsive our village departments have been in enabling business start-ups and business growth with minimal red-tape and maximum support.

The chairman of my company was right.  These are indeed all signs of a healthy and stable community and I am very excited that this is taking place right here in our community.  As your Village Trustee, I will continue to support our residents and our businesses by making decisions that maintain our high-quality of life and ensure that our community will always be a great place to live and work!

Dave Glasgow

Menomonee Falls Village Trustee

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